Westberries Selection Policy

Below is the selection policy for Westberries Hockey Club

Who attends Selection?

The Selection Committee comprises the Club Captain (or nominated Club Committee Member) and the team captains (or vice captains).


What happens at Selection?

Selection takes place on Monday evenings. Match reports for the previous week's game are given by the captains, and players' performance and availability is discussed. From the pool of available players, the Selection Committee will select the strongest possible squad for all league matches in the following order: 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4th XI, 5th XI.


External Selection Criteria

All league players must be registered members of WLHC prior to their first league game of the season.

Westberries' Selection Criteria

The following criteria (in no particular order) will be used during the selection process:

- Availability

- Commitment

- Fitness

- Skill

- Tactical/team awareness

- Temperament

- Training attendance

- Development Potential

Selection, post injury is at the captain's discretion, taking into consideration length of absence and match fitness.


What happens if a player is dropped or promoted?

A player who has been selected for a lower team will be informed of the decision and the reason by the senior captain. Players will normally be promoted one team at a time, Equally, the reverse will apply.


What happens to a captain if being promoted or dropped becomes a necessity?

Team captains can be dropped or promoted. If a team captain is not performing as player, they do not automatically get selected for their team, and should be available for a lower team. Under these circumstances, the captain concerned may wish to remain with their squad, although not. Equally a team captain who is performing well and who is selected by a higher team should be given opportunity as with any player to play for the higher team (but can chose to remain with squad). Captains should notify club captain if they chose to remain with their squad, and do not wish to play for the other team (higher or lower).

In the absence of the team captain, the vice-captain should undertake the roles/responsibilities of the captain.

If a team captain is consistently playing for another team then it may be necessary to review captaincy.


What happens when a new player joins?

Normally, a new player will be introduced via the lowest team. At the selection committee's discretion, players may be introduced in other sides consistent with their previous playing record.


Players' Responsibilities

Players must confirm with captains that they can play immediately or by Wednesday at the latest. Players must advise their Captain on return from a period of unavailability. All players are responsible for knowing and displaying their league number.

Players should notify their captain (to in turn notify Club Captain) of any planned absence during the season at earliest opportunity to allow the selection committee to plan/prepare for these absences.


General Selection Points

In the case of late selection due to player shortage the order of selection will be with the highest team. It is the duty of the Captain that is short of a player or players to inform the lower team captain as soon as possible. The Captain who will lose a player must select from the next lowest team until the lowest team has been selected from.

Players should not assume they have been selected in their favoured position, selection of players will be to ensure the strongest team/squad.


Internal Selection Discipline

Any player bringing the Club into disrepute may be subject to disciplinary action by the Club Committee. The Selection Committee will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

Should a player have a query with the selection process, they should see their captain, Club Captain or any other Officer. The decision of the Club Captain is final.

Please note: Payment of annual subscription does not guarantee a match every week. If you are concerned about this, please contact the captain you last played for, or the club captain to discuss your concerns.

Please enjoy playing for the team you for which you've been selected and support your captain and team members.


(Updated August 2007)